Introduction to Machine Quilting

Machine Quilting Sample copy 3.jpg
Machine Quilting Sample copy 3.jpg

Introduction to Machine Quilting


Instructor: Sue Rasmussen

Thursday, June 22, 2017 | 9:00 am – 4:00 pm • All levels

Let’s machine quilt! If you want to learn and perfect your machine quilting from a national quilt instructor, join Sue for the day.

You will learn and practice freeform patterns and designs such as leaves, flowers, and background fillers. With Sue’s one-on-one help, you will increase the coordination between hands, eyes and foot speed, becoming more confident with each new exercise. We will discuss machine needles, threads, batting, marking, basting, and planning your quilt designs. Don’t let machine quilting be stressful. This is a FUN and very informative class!

Location:  Otero County Fairgrounds, 401 Fairgrounds Rd, Alamogordo, N.M.

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Supplies Required:

• Sewing Machine: with ability to cover or lower feed dogs. Machine must be clean, in good working order; bring machine manual

• STRAIGHT stitch or single hole throat plate-not mandatory but a huge help

• Darning Foot: or free motion quilting foot that fits your machine-please check this before class, be familiar how to install it

• Sewing Machine EXTENSION TABLE: this enables you to extend the surface area in front, behind, and to the left of your machine needle

• Firm Pillow(s) or firm seat pad high enough to raise your sitting height 4”

• ‘Quilt Sandwhiches’ : 3-4 measuring about 18” [do not pre-pin] -sandwiches consist of one backing, batting and solid fabric on top

• Bring ONE PIECED BLOCK approx.15” - 18” square or bigger

• Needles: –any/or all of the following will do: Topstitch 80/12,  90/14 Microtex Sharps 80/12, 90/14 or Quilting 80/12, 75/11

• Thread: Cotton- such as Aurifil      

• Sewing Supplies: basic sewing supplies, notebook, pencils, machine oil and brush

• Gloves: Quilter’s gloves by Timid Thimble Creations, Machingers, Steady Betty or other gloves for traction and control, (I will bring glycerin)

Optional Supplies Recommended:

• Supreme Slider or similar slick cover (very helpful to reduce drag)

• My 30 page Machine Quilting Design Booklet will be available in class for $15.00

• Bring 1 quilt top- for class room discussion on quilting ideas-this is an important part of the class, to learn how to critique the quilt for patterns and quilting designs

Walking foot-we will most likely not use this but if you are unfamiliar with how to use it or put it on, bring it

If you have any questions at all: please contact Sue Rasmussen at 805-526-8458              

*I will have my books, Quilting 101:What Every Quilter Should Know$25, and my Machine Quilting Designs Book $15 for sale in the classroom. Both of these books are extremely helpful in this machine quilting class. These are available for purchase only through me.